29 JanFootball Betting: We have broken the football

Football is the best sport in the world. How many times have we said, or at least have heard this phrase. Many, many times. And indeed, in the life of a fan, like me, moreover, football means a lot.

Joys, sorrows, sacrifices, hopes, something that goes beyond the simple meaning of the sport, and as he says a famous phrase of the movie “Fever 90°” – “It is something you can not understand unless you’re in it.”

Unfortunately, however, the calcium in the course of history has shown us that it is not always clear and clean a sport, but an object used for profit, because of too much money that revolve around.

The first football scandal dates back to fascism, says bet365. It was the 1926-1927 season, when he lifted the league title, won on the field, in Turin, because of a bribe to a Juventus player. An executive of Taurus, proposed 50,000 pounds of down payment to Louis Allemandi, to secure victory in the Derby. The Juventus player, was initially banned for life, but then was rehabilitated after just one season. The scandal that shook strongly the football world was that of 1980, the underground betting.

It all began when a Roman merchant, presented a complaint to the Public Prosecutor of Rome, claiming to have been cheated by some Lazio players, through the mediation of a nearby restaurant. He would have to get blown by players of Lazio, but since I had lost large sums of money, he decided to report the facts. Following a complaint, the judiciary did start their arrests on the playing fields at the end of the meetings.

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