Football Betting: We have broken the football

Football is the best sport in the world. How many times have we said, or at least have heard this phrase. Many, many times. And indeed, in the life of a fan, like me, moreover, football means a lot.

Joys, sorrows, sacrifices, hopes, something that goes beyond the simple meaning of the sport, and as he says a famous phrase of the movie “Fever 90°” – “It is something you can not understand unless you’re in it.”

Unfortunately, however, the calcium in the course of history has shown us that it is not always clear and clean a sport, but an object used for profit, because of too much money that revolve around.

The first football scandal dates back to fascism, says bet365. It was the 1926-1927 season, when he lifted the league title, won on the field, in Turin, because of a bribe to a Juventus player. An executive of Taurus, proposed 50,000 pounds of down payment to Louis Allemandi, to secure victory in the Derby. The Juventus player, was initially banned for life, but then was rehabilitated after just one season. The scandal that shook strongly the football world was that of 1980, the underground betting.

It all began when a Roman merchant, presented a complaint to the Public Prosecutor of Rome, claiming to have been cheated by some Lazio players, through the mediation of a nearby restaurant. He would have to get blown by players of Lazio, but since I had lost large sums of money, he decided to report the facts. Following a complaint, the judiciary did start their arrests on the playing fields at the end of the meetings.

The odds for a title for Inter drop significantly

According to bet365 the overwhelming victory for Inter at the Olimpico against Roma is getting betting agencies to revise the allowances allocated to the Nerazzurri to win the title. The first is to adapt – Sisal Matchpoint, which led the bid for the championship victory for Mancini’s men at 1.80, while the Giallorossi Spalletti goes up to 4.00.
Significant decline for Juventus, who, thanks to theirs victory at the last derby of the Mole, sees its share drop to 5.00.

More than doubled instead bid for AC Milan, after yet another disappointing performance of the Rossoneri, changes from 2.80 to 5.50. Last among the “big” Fiorentina, whose share has declined significantly, but remains very high at 20:00.

The news does not seem to alarm the Napoli coach Eddy Reja believes in his team’s chances of getting a result in the difficult trip on Saturday night at San Siro. Bet 365 said that the coach of the Neapolitans, in an interview with Corriere Dello Sport, has stated:

Inter not takes my sleep despite being without a shadow of a doubt the strongest team in the league. I hope that the challenge against PSV leave a little ‘ sign, even if they are used to playing on three fronts.

Yet another chapter Catania: football betting!

Until the end of January a magnificent championship. Since then the trouble. The Catania in seven months has caused endure all colors: the death of Raciti, the Massimino closed for the whole of last season, the accusations of bullying in society by Pantanelli, Biso and Falsini, the kick Baldini Di Charles, threats of dismissal Lo Monaco.

In the town of Etna did not think they would have had to deal with an accusation of alleged combine, the Public Prosecutor of Siracusa has opened a dossier relating to two games of the past year: Catania – Ascoli 3-3 (daring recovery with almost Marche demoted who managed to snatch a point undreamed) and Sampdoria -Catania 1-0 (match highlights for rossoazzurri who lost a topical colossal Pantanelli on shot of Zenon).